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1980 北海道生まれ

2003    渡仏 パリやリモージュでフランス七宝を学ぶ

2008    帰国 伝統工芸士のもとで東京七宝を学ぶ 

2013 日本手工芸指導協会公募展にて東京都知事賞を受賞する


2014 日本手工芸指導協会公募展にて読売・日本テレビ文化センター賞を受賞する

2015 日本手工芸指導協会公募展にて文部科学大臣賞を受賞する

2016 日本手工芸指導協会公募展にて協会賞を受賞する


1980  Born in Hokkaido, Japan

2003  Started enamel and learnt in Paris and Limoges

2008  Learnt Tokyo enamel from a master in Tokyo

2013  Awarded Governor of Tokyo prize by Japan Handicraft Teaching Association

          Certified as a Teacher at the association

2014  Awarded Yomiuri Nihon Television cultural center prize by JHTA.

2015  Awarded a prize from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology by JHTA.

2016  Awarded the top prize by JHTA

          Certified as a Master by JHTA


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